cenforce 100mg

Cenforce is a generic Sildenafil viagara which is mainly developed for males to manage their erection problems and ED. It releases it effect by soothing the muscles nearby the penis and ease them to get a prolonged erection during sexual intercourse. It’s impact is much longer than any other drug in the market. This also improves the circulation of blood by relaxing the arteries and makes them able to gather the blood from the penis in order to make the successful erection. cenforce efficiency can better be witnessed if you consume the tablet right before the sexual intercourse. However, the tablet doesn’t make you feel aroused, it just helps you to get an erection for sex activity.


It comes in 100mg and known as generic viagra which contains Sildenafil as the main ingredient. It remains active for more than 48 hours, giving you a boost while having a sexual activity with your partner. Although the tablet comes in various ratios depending upon your body you can choose the dosage along with the prescription of your doctor.