Cenforce 200 the strengthened formula of generic Viagra. The active ingredient,sildenafil, is contained in a dosage that exceeds the usual dose by 2 times(200 mg of sildenafil, instead of 100 mg for generic Viagra generics). Generics Viagra are used to restore a persistent erection during intercourse. Sildenafil not intended to treat the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction (age,elevated cholesterol, diabetes mellitus, etc.), its action is to stimulate blood circulation in the penis, which lasts until the drug shows activity (4-8hours). There is no addiction.

Indications for use Cenforce 200 And price$0.90

Generic Cenforce 200mg is indicated with a weak erection or complete absence of erectile reaction during sexual acts that have happened repeatedly. The drug is not intended to treat the main causes of erectile dysfunction (diabetes mellitus,low sex hormones, chronic fatigue, and others) and is shown exclusively within the time potential stimulant.


Themain active agent is sildenafil citrate 200 mg. Concomitant substances: HPMC,glycerol triacetate, lactose monohydrate (dried by dispersion), croscarmellosesodium, giprolase, ultra-fine grinding, microcellulose.

Method of application andeffective dosages

Cenforce 200 including all other generics based on sildenafil, it is undesirable totake simultaneously with heavy fatty foods. Fatty food blocks the intake and absorption of sildenafil from the gastrointestinal tract into the blood. Do not use sildenafil dosages that exceed the standard 100 mg.

Although the generic Cenforce 200 contains a dosage twice as effective as the therapeutic one, it is strongly recommended not to take a whole tablet of enforce 200. Experienced users buy this generic solely because of the financial benefit, because in terms of sildenafil the cost of the therapeutic dose will be significantly cheaper. Taking a whole tablet of, you run the risk of getting side effects, so before taking the generic, it is desirable to divide the tablet into several parts and take only half or a quarter of the tablet.

Older men

Theage of patients can not be the reason for dose adjustment. If the othercontraindications do not exist, dosage of sildenafil for patients in yearsshould be selected in the same way as in other cases – up to 100 mg ofsildenafil.


Somemedicines and chronic diseases are able to provoke side effects and worsen thepatient’s health. Contact your doctor and inform about the current chronicdiseases and medications that are being prescribed at this time.

The efficacy and safety of sildenafil has not been proven for patients with a predisposition to ulceration diseases and gastrointestinal bleeding. People with an open form of peptic ulcer should no take sildenafil, because in studies in vitro sildenafil had a negative effect on platelet aggregation and the

Rheological properties of the blood. In human studies, this fact has not been confirmed,but should be adopted and to protect yourself as much as possible.

cenforce 200 mg

Cenforce 200mg

Alcoholic beverages andCenforce 200

Sildenafilin combination with alcohol can lower blood pressure. The tendency to suchsymptoms as tachycardia, dizziness, reddening of the eyes, fainting, headacheand flushing of blood to the face increases significantly. Alcohol does notaffect the pharmacokinetic indices of sildenafil in plasma – the area under thepharmacokinetic curve “concentration-time” (AUC) and the rate ofexcretion of the substance from the body. Either way, you should avoid or limitalcohol consumption during sildenafil therapy.


Anoverdose of drugs based on sildenafil causes the same side effects as thestandard recommended doses. Nevertheless, their probability of occurrence andthe power of manifestation are significantly increased. In case of overdoses ofsildenafil, a standard maintenance treatment is conducted, aimed at stoppingand eliminating the main symptoms that are manifested. In severe cases, seekemergency medical attention.